The True Series Recruitment Materials

For the 2016-2017 academic year, we've released a brand new set of recruitment materials, which have earned national recognition for their design and branding theme. No matter what your chapter or colony emphasizes, there's a poster for your campus. Instructions for printing these downloadable versions are included with each poster.

If you're an active Sigma Alpha Epsilon group, you can request hard copies of the posters, printed in full color and using metallic ink, from the Fraternity Service Center by completing the Recruitment Materials Request Form.

When you click on the all-caps, headline text to the right of each image, your system will either open or prompt you to save the hi-res PDF. For optimal viewing, we recommend you right-click on the link.


Be Honorable

Fraternity is representative of a man’s need to share common values and desire to better himself through meaningful relationships. Sigma Alpha Epsilon helps each member set his goals and stick with his values as he embarks on new journeys.

Be Empowered

In the humble service for others, you will begin to see the great power in yourself. Our communities need role models, and you have the potential to help others. Through encouragement, values and brotherhood, we empower every member to exceed his personal expectations.

Be Gentlemanly

Being a gentleman is much more than holding a door open or saying “please” and “thank you.” A true gentleman is a man whose values are consistent with his actions. Manners are important, but treating others with respect and working to leave a positive impact on the world are behaviors that define one’s character. Now more than ever, our society needs true gentlemen.

Be Passionate

Your set of values will grow and develop throughout your college experience. Sigma Alpha Epsilon will challenge you to work with others who may share your passions but who see them through a different lens.

Be Yourself

We don’t seek men to “mold” into some ideal; rather, we embrace individuality by encouraging our members to share their unique strengths and talents so others can learn from them. Helping every brother to meet his true potential is the foundation of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.

Recruitment Brochure

This is what holds together the entire True Series. No matter what poster you're using or what recruitment strategy you choose, this brochure can show potential members what we're all about.


True Creed Cards

Our creed, "The True Gentleman," lays out the basic framework for being a member. Print these as business cards and give them out - let someone know that he can be a man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety.












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